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Automower FAQ

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Is it time-consuming to operate an Automower®?

No, the Automower® is very easy to use. Once you have installed the robotic mower, it ensures that your lawn is cut without you having to worry about anything; whether you are at home or not. Your lawn will be well maintained, and you will never have to worry about mowing your lawn again.

Is it noisy?

Not at all. The sound level of the Automower® is very low, between 58 dBA and 59 dBA depending on the model. The sound level of traditional mowers ranges between 95 dBA and 100 dBA. The mower can operate in your yard without disturbing you or bothering your neighbors.

What is the impact of the Automower® on the environment?

As the Automower® operates using batteries, it generates no emissions. Energy consumption is extremely low. Depending on the size of your lawn, the cost of electricity consumption varies between $5 and $20 per mowing season.

I have beautiful flowers and trees that I would like to protect. Is this possible?

Absolutely! If the perimeter wire has been properly installed around flower beds, trees, bushes, or other objects, the Automower® will not cut anything in the protected areas.

How does it perform in very long grass?

If the grass is very long and thick, you should raise the cutting height and gradually lower it to the desired height. The Automower® will then automatically adapt to the grass’s growth rate: during periods of rapid growth, the robot adopts a spiral mowing pattern in thick grass areas to bring it back to the desired height. Conversely, during periods of slow growth, the Automower® will automatically reduce the mowing time.

Do I need to collect the cut grass?

No. The hassle of collecting grass clippings is over! By mowing a little bit every day, the Automower® cuts grass blades 1 to 2 mm long, which fall directly at the base of the roots and serve as nutrients for the grass. The lawn will become healthier and denser in a few weeks with less need for watering and fertilizing.

Can it mow in all weather conditions?

Yes, day and night and even in the rain, the Automower® will mow the lawn perfectly. (However, you will need to keep the mower on its charging station or indoors in extreme weather conditions).

How to install the Automower® mower?

You can install it yourself (learn more about installing an Automower® mower on husqvarna.com). However, it is strongly recommended to contact your Husqvarna dealer for installation service. They will bury the cables (between 1 and 3 inches – 3 to 7 cm) using special equipment without damaging the lawn.

Is the mower equipped with an anti-theft alarm?

Yes. The Automower® mower has several theft protection systems that can be activated. The mower cannot be used without the PIN code. The installation lock prevents the mower from operating from any other installation than your own. The alarm requires entering the PIN code (4 digits) when stopping the Automower® mower, otherwise, a audible alarm will sound. Additionally, GPS communication devices include a GPS positioning function for most models.

If I want to use it at my cottage or lend it to my neighbor, can the Automower® mower operate in different locations?

Yes. If you purchase two charging stations and two perimeter wires, you can set up two sites and use them with the same Automower® mower.

Can children play on the lawn while the Automower® mower is operating?

Even though the Automower® mower operates at low power, it is still possible to cut fingers or toes on the cutting blade. The integrated safety function will automatically stop the blade if the mower is lifted or turned over. The distance between the outer part of the mower and the tip of the blade is also longer to prevent feet or hands from accidentally coming into contact with the blades. For safety reasons, it is recommended not to operate the mower when young children are playing on the lawn.

What is the maximum operating area of the Automower® mower?

The Automower® mower can mow lawns up to 5,000 m² (60,000 ft²), depending on the model and the complexity of your yard. For areas larger than 5,000 m², you can use two or more Automower® mowers (such as a soccer field, for example).

Will I still need a regular lawn mower?

No. However, it is recommended to have a string trimmer or edger for a perfect finish.

Can it handle various lawn shapes and sizes?

In principle, yes. If the lawn can be mowed with a regular mower, the Automower® can also mow it. The operation becomes a bit more complicated in the case of a very complex yard with large obstacles and small lawn areas that are not connected. By hiring a Husqvarna installer, they will visit your property to recommend the suitable model and solutions for all types of terrain.

Will it work on my uneven lawn?

Thanks to its large driving wheels, the Automower® works very well even on uneven surfaces. It also operates on slopes with an angle of up to 70% (30º) incline. Unlike traditional mowers, it does not shave the grass.

Can it detect objects like clothing and toys on the lawn?

No. You must ensure that there are no small objects on the lawn surface. Any object small enough for the Automower® to run over can be damaged and may damage the mower blades. Make sure there are no small objects on the lawn before operating the mower. However, there’s no risk for objects larger than 10 cm (4 in): the Automower®’s collision sensor will detect them and the robot will simply change direction.

Is the mower dangerous for cats and dogs?

No. Our experience has shown that pets typically stay away from the Automower®. Since the mower has sensors, when it comes into contact with objects like pets, it will reverse and choose another direction to mow. If it collides with a pet, the contact is superficial and unlikely to cause injuries.

What is the battery life?

Approximately 1500 charge cycles. In practical terms, if you use your Automower® for 6 months per year, the battery will last for 4 to 7 seasons depending on the daily mowing time.

What about pine cones, tree branches, and fruits on the lawn?

To ensure the long life of the blades, these objects should be raked and picked up regularly. They will not damage the mower, but the blades will wear out faster. Branches can also damage or bend the blades, which degrades the cutting quality.

What is the lifespan of the blades?

The lifespan of the blades varies depending on the type of soil and grass. Typically, the lifespan is 1 to 2 months. The lightweight blades are very easy to replace. They can be replaced in five minutes using an ordinary screwdriver.

How to maintain the Automower® to keep it in good condition?

How to maintain the Automower® to keep it in good condition? Your mower requires very little maintenance, but regularly replacing the blades is essential for the best cutting results. Occasionally, depending on the lawn size, you’ll need to take a few minutes to remove grass from the wheels and chassis. We strongly recommend entrusting the winterization of your Automower® to your dealer. In addition to storage under controlled temperature, ensuring longevity for the battery, they will perform a complete cleaning with blade replacement, seal replacement, and software update to ensure your Automower is in the best shape for the new mowing season.
H360-0199 (1)
H350-0438-1 basse resolution
535 AWD Lite

The Automower® adapts to any situation

Slopes up to 45%

Achieve perfect mowing on steep slopes: With its improved traction and reduced weight, the Husqvarna Automower® can mow on slopes up to 45% (24°).

24/7 Operation

Works in rain and even at night. Let your robotic mower work while you sleep or enjoy your free time.


With a sound level of only 58 dB(A), the Automower® can work easily in the garden without disturbing you or your neighbors. No more noisy motor sounds and gasoline fumes from traditional mowers!

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