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By taking care of your lawn, the mowing robot will give you more time for what interests you. Robotic lawnmowers are no longer just for technical geeks; they’re for anyone who needs a little extra time on weekends. Rain or shine, your robot will do a perfect job every day.


Informed by the Kress RTKn network, the robot navigates your lawn with centimeter precision. There’s no need to install a boundary cable or a fixed reference antenna in the lawn. The navigation algorithm ensures precision even when satellite lines of sight are blocked by trees and buildings. With MAP™ technology (Mowing Action Plan), it efficiently maintains lawns from 10 to 360,000 sq. ft.

  • Satellite guidance – no peripheral cable installation
  • Centimeter precision without the need for a fixed antenna on the lawn
  • Systematic coverage in parallel lines for maximum mowing efficiency
  • Dual-layer blade system for dense and slightly overgrown grass
  • Precise multi-zone management via satellite
  • Patented obstacle avoidance system
  • Follows the shortest path to and from the charging station
  • Automatic leveling blade system adapts to terrain irregularities

A consistently impeccable lawn thanks to a wireless autonomous mowe

With RTK technology, Kress robots mow with centimeter precision. No cables to bury, easy traversal of pathways, independent programming of each mowing zone (schedules and cutting height).

A major advantage: there’s no need to have an antenna on your property (antennas are installed at dealerships). Another notable advantage: the robots are washable with a water jet.

A range of robots for mowing areas from 8,000 to 350,000 sq. ft.

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