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A new concept in the world of home robotics: the YARBO robot is a tool carrier that will take care of mowing, snow removal, leaf blowing, and much more on its own. Rain, sun, or snow, your robot will do a perfect job every day.

Our range of YARBO robots

The Yarbo robot automatically handles most tasks in your garden, both in summer and winter, allowing you more time to enjoy your family and hobbies.

Driven by wireless technology, it is autonomous and recharges itself.

Your property always impeccable thanks to a wireless autonomous tool carrier robot

With RTK technology, the Yarbo robot works with centimeter precision. No cables to bury, easy traversal of pathways, independent programming of each zone.

Major advantage: One robot is sufficient to take care of your property, just add the module you want.

  • Maximum 15,000 sq. ft. in snowblower mode.
  • Maximum 5 acres in mowing mode.
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