Where can I buy a robotic lawn mower in Quebec?

How can I find a Husqvarna dealer  expert in robotic lawn mower near me?

Who can guide me in choosing the right model for my lawn?

Robot Loisir sells and installs  robotics lawn mowers in the Greater Montreal Area, Including  Laurentides, Lanaudiere and  Monteregie.

But if I live outside of these areas, how can I find a dealer who is so familiar with robotic mowers?

In order to allow as many people as possible to benefit from these robots, we have created Robotondeusequebec .
It is a group of 5 Husqvarna dealers, all experts in robotic mowers. This guarantees you the best advice and a professional installation.

It is very important to choose the right robot for your terrain. With the right robot installed perfectly, you will have a lawn mown effortlessly every day.
Here is a concrete example where the opinion of an expert will be essential:
« I have a plot of 90 ‘x 190’ and a mowing area of ​​approximately 11,500 ft2, I would like to install the Automower 115H model ».
Based on this information alone, the Automower 115H model indeed appears to be the right robot with its maximum mowing area of ​​15,000 sq. Ft. But there are other important points to consider.
The Automower expert dealer will look at the peculiarities of your land: Is the area to be mowed in front and the area behind connected by a sufficiently wide passage? Is there a slope? Will the robot have to cross paving or the parking lot to reach another area to mow? Etc …
Depending on these answers, he will be able to confirm the initial choice of the 115H model or rather recommend the Automower 315X or the Automower 520 which are better suited to manage multiple mowing areas, narrow passages or steeper slopes.